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Black Dragon Blog

Blackdragon. Gefällt Mal. Go to for two new articles every week on how to improve your dating and relationships. Hier sind Sie richtig: Jetzt bei myToys Schulranzen ALPHA Black Dragon (​Kollektion ) günstig online kaufen! Blog-Einträge von Black Dragon.

Schulranzen ALPHA Black Dragon (Kollektion 2020)

Hier sind Sie richtig: Jetzt bei myToys Schulranzen ALPHA Black Dragon (​Kollektion ) günstig online kaufen! Written by Blackdragon, one of the most well known online dating experts in the world, Blackdragon's (BD's) blog is the only one I still subscribe to and was. Blog-Einträge von Black Dragon.

Black Dragon Blog Full archive of blog posts made by Blackdragon Blog. Video

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Black Dragon Blog
Black Dragon Blog Important Alpha Male 2. Well keep in mind that this is self-published, self-packed executable and moreover a WinRar "installer". My predictions and my secrets are already here:. Anyone who has used Adobe products will Zeus Online Slots very familiar with Ori Toor's work - even without knowing it - and we're very excited to Is Leo Vegas Legitimate with him on a Female Sex Robots. So let's see what this update contains. Deleted From Facebook? That goes for in the states as well. Sek Party Indonesia think if you had an option of using your martial arts to live a long healthy life or, a reckless dangerous one, the former is better. I consider the update Black Dragon Blog important, not only does it finally bring in the latest release code from Linden Labs with a good chunk of behind-the-scenes improvements, it Casino En Ligne Legal En Suisse brings a couple bugfixes. Money, Success, and Gold Diggers. Women Over 30 — The Transformation. How Will The Langschmidt Collapse? The easier and more reliably Yatzy Block crash, the better. Well done you guys. EEP is getting worse and more complicated with every day i spend looking into it. Many years ago when I was dating a lot more women over the age of 33, I heard them often [ Here are a few last-minute questions that have come in. Jetzt Kontakt zu myToys aufnehmen. Der Artikel liegt bereits River Cree Buffet Edmonton Ihrem Warenkorb. If there's enough interest here, I'll post it in full within this community. Erstellen Abbrechen.
Black Dragon Blog

This is an ultra-rare opportunity to own one of Ivan's pieces that you should The idea for the book is a simple one. This week we're proud to offer the next two installments in our ongoing partnership with Mondo.

Doing justice to A juxtaposition of life and death in one gorgeous image, Esther Sarto's lush yet slightly unnerving painting just oozes creative brilliance.

We're delighted to offer copies of Kevin Tong's 'Amadeus', the second installment in Evil Tender's 'Opera Print Series', on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the film.

We're delighted to release a brand new officially licensed poster for Lars Von Triers' 'Melancholia' by digital artist Ori Toor.

Anyone who has used Adobe products will be very familiar with Ori Toor's work - even without knowing it - and we're very excited to work with him on a Once the artist and the printing have been paid, every penny from these releases will be donated directly to organisations devoted All of the reports are being combined at the bottom to an overall summary of your avatar.

Right now it's pretty simple as you can see but i hope to extend it to include some more specific information and possibly even have comments on each section which might or might not give you hints at how to improve certain aspects of your avatar.

The hardest part about this is choosing the "limits". Complexity, polycount and memory usage as well as projectors, animesh and media were pretty simple and obvious.

The complicated part where i am not sure yet are things like object, face and texture and light count. Generally you want all of them as low as possible, though in themselves they are not necessarily bad.

You can have 's of objects and 's of faces and still have a somewhat decently running avatar but that does not change the fact that incurring thousands over thousands of nested draw calls is bad.

Speaking of the best possible thing, you obviously want your avatar to be a single object with a maximum of 8 faces.

This would already limit the texture count to a maximum of 8 diffuse, 8 specular and 8 normal maps and thus the maximum usable texture memory to 96MB 24x4MB.

Obviously this is an unrealistic expectation in Second Life since we want interchangeable clothing at the very least, which means i had to choose non-gaming standards that still keep the counts low and make sense.

Arguably faces isn't exactly Again though this is taking SL into consideration, having lots of faces is technically bad but doesn't immediately end the world.

Seeing my avatar have faces was quite shocking and i'm unsure whether this is a calculation error or an issue with faces on meshes.

I know you can set faces for meshes but i do not know whether SL still internally counts them as having 8 faces even if you give them less, which is why i chose faces 8 faces for each of those 40 objects for now.

As time goes on i will obviously spend more time on this and adjust numbers as i see fit. With that out of the way, let's talk about the two elephants in the room.

One already demolished half the interior, the other one is going for my porcelain room. I've had increasing amounts of reports that people couldn't download the Viewer or have gotten reports of potentially malicious content most often due to Windows Defender.

This release i've gone the extra step to scan the release packages several times to make sure Defender doesn't do anything awkward for me, then also submitted the releases to Microsoft to have them test them and hopefully update the Defender database to include these as clean files and i've downloaded the files twice from GDrive to make sure Chrome isn't blocking it and Defender isn't throwing any hissifits either.

Neither of them made a noise. So if you still get a warning or even a blocked download, you might want to add it to the whitelist don't ask me how, i have never done it since i've never gotten to the point this was required.

The other thing being that this is another release with lots of all-touching LL code merges. I've already found right-click editing crashing the Viewer and fixed it but i suspect there's a lot more broken than just that but i can't just sit here and wait for things to break otherwise these updates will never happen at all.

I believe that if there is something broken you'll find it. Also, this update contains some necessary fixes so waiting any longer is only detrimental for the Viewer.

I'm not Firestorm after all, i don't want to let you wait 6 months for fixes when they have been fixed the very same day they were reported.

Oh look! It's a third Well fuck. I feel the need that a few things, especially regarding help and support needs to be changed around.

I'll spend some time investigating how to tackle this, most likely moving the support channel in Discord around, adding a new one and also investigating a bot setup so i can force people to suck on that welcome and FAQ channel first before posting anything.

I'll probably also rewrite the guides that i've already wrote and possibly add new ones in hopes to prevent more questions before they even get asked so i can filter down the amount of help needed to something that allows bringing some organization in for better viewing and possibly also for better insight for the user.

And with that, thanks to all the new Patrons and the old ones who keep supporting my work! The Viewer would be dead without you. This time there have been so many good pictures around, i don't even know where to put them all.

I suppose i'll split them for this and the next release so i got reserves in case until next time there aren't many good ones.

Originally this update was planned yesterday, exactly one month after the last one but the merge with the latest code did bring quite some problems All baseline animations were broken, didn't play and basically most actions like jumping and sitting got you infinitely and permanently stuck.

Also there was a nasty crash whenever someone including you played the standup animation after falling from great heights.

The national capital Delhi is one of the most populated cities of India, inhabited by all sorts of people, some with a criminal bend of mind.

This has led to an increase in the instances of crime and fraud, making security a major concern. With crimes being reported all across the city, people in Delhi….

Am I supposed to rename the file back to exe so that I can install? I didn't see any mention of this on the blog so confused. Also important to note that I got the new Windows update early this morning and that could be part of the issue.

I have never seen this happen before so slightly puzzled. I downloaded both the 3 hours old version what I was going for and the one below that just in case it was a file issue.

By using Edge browser which has no ad blocking on it for me I could get the exe file to download. I am still getting plenty of warning messages from both Edge and Windows Defender though.

I got curious and downloaded this viewer. I did get an exe finally by using Edge browser. Everything is probably fine but I just got way to many warnings to make me feel comfortable.

I have never had those with any other viewer. So I think I will wait a bit and try again sometime in the future. White Collar Boxing Fight Nigh Remember Me.

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11/15/ · Black Dragon 64x - Update "Enhancing Dragon" Phew, this took long. I just wanted to take a week or two off and get to do some stuff with friends and poof a month was gone, then i started hammering on stuff that broke spectacularly apart and required a lot of time to fix but it was worth it! rows · Blackdragon: Alphas, Betas, and Women in Pop Culture, Marriage and Divorce: . Black Dragon Press presents 'Traces' — On the occasion of Black Dragon Press' 5th anniversary we're very excited to present ‘Traces’, an artbook featuring the work of 18 contemporary artists from around the world currently working in the fields of fine art, comics & illustration. The idea for the book is a simple one. Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. Black Dragon 64x - Update "Enhancing Dragon" Phew, this took long. I just wanted to take a week or two off and get to do some stuff with friends and poof a month was gone, then i started hammering on stuff that broke spectacularly apart and required a lot of time to fix but it was worth it!. In exactly nine days, I end the enrollment for the Alpha Male Focus Program for forever. This is where I coach with you one-on-one for an entire year (all of ), plus with a small group of motivated guys, and you get ALL of my courses and books for free, as well as any and all books/courses for free I release in The Blackdragon Blog. Real-World Dating and Relationship Techniques For Men That Will Keep You Free, Alpha Male Style. Get Your Free Audio Training!. Blog-Einträge von Black Dragon. Blackdragon. Gefällt Mal. Go to for two new articles every week on how to improve your dating and relationships. Public Figure. Impressum. See All. Page Transparency. Facebook is showing information to help. Hier sind Sie richtig: Jetzt bei myToys Schulranzen ALPHA Black Dragon (​Kollektion ) günstig online kaufen!

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